All students will participate in the following specials classes throughout the year:


The art teacher at Cherrelyn is devoted to teaching students art techniques, principles of art, information about artists’ lives and styles. The projects are standard-based and are two and three dimensional. Children use a variety of materials and write about each of their projects. Math and language skills are incorporated into projects as often as possible. Students are expected to use good craftsmanship and complete all projects. Cherrelyn students’ work is placed in the Roscoe Davidson Administration Building , the district art show and the halls of the school.


Cherrelyn’s music curriculum includes the following: kindergarten and first grade students learn about musical instruments, sound recognition, music dynamics and tempo, and steady beat movement. Second and third grade students learn and apply their knowledge of pentatonic scales, composition writing of music, music symbol reading and writing, and acquire knowledge of instruments of western and world orchestra cultures. Fourth and fifth grades students sing and read notes and build on their knowledge of instruments of the western and world orchestra cultures from previous years.

Physical Education: Active Bodies Means Active Minds

The Physical Education curriculum is a dynamic blend of physical skills, physical fitness, and health knowledge. Sportsmanship skills are also an important component that are interwoven into every lesson. The overall emphasis is placed on a child’s individual improvement rather than group competition.

Special events, however, are scheduled throughout the year for extra curriculum skill development and competition.